In-house production

LOSBEL since 2011 has experience producing wastewater treatment plants within the Republic of Belarus

24/7 Support Service

Automatic quality control systems and a dedicated service team that offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

On- Site Warehouse

An on-site supply of equipment and spare parts allows us to have a minimum turnaround times

Wastewater treatment plants for small urban areas

Based on the technical requirements of the customer, we can design and implement treatment plants with a daily volume of up to 50 000 m3. We can provide a complete package of works: beginning from the formulation of specific project targets and finishing with the installation of the finished product.

Advantages of our equipment:

– no need for different kinds of mixers;
– low energy consumption;
– option of a covered pavilion which reduces the protected-sanitary zone to 50m
– highest quality treated water;

– Smaller volumes of construction work, resulting in a more competitive price;

– The possibility of phased implementation;

– custom design and construction.

Wastewater treatment plants are used for the treatment of wastewater on sites, where there is no possibility to connect to the central sewage system. For such sites we can design, manufacture and install a localised treatment plant. Sites can include but are not limited to:

  • Apartment buildings and private homes;
  • Holiday homes, rehab centres, nursing homes;
  • Hotels, restaurants, camping sites, cafes;
  • Industrial and administrative buildings, warehouses;
  • Petrol and service stations

Domestic wastewater sources include lavatories, kitchens, shower/bath rooms, dishwashers and washing machines.  

For private and holiday homes

Autonomous, individual sewage treatment involves a compact biological modular system that treats domestic water discharge, resulting in the most optimal solution to treat sewage in private homes or smaller-sized settlements. The treatment plant effectively treats all waste from bathrooms, kitchens, lavatories as well as dishwashers and washing machines. The biological nature of the wastewater plant allows for it to be used just as well in an apartment without the need for sewage pumping services.

The autonomous sewage system consists of a polypropylene tank divided into compartments which contain activated sludge (bacteria, similar to that found urban wastewater treatment plants). We also install technological equipment which provides fluid circulation. A compressor supplying air is also installed near to the treatment plant (maximum distance of 5m) – this is required to support the growth of bacteria and for liquid circulation. The compressor operates in 15 minute intervals.

For pumping of domestic waste and rainwater

Sewage pumping stations (SPS) are designed for the pumping of domestic and storm water in cases when planned removal or gravity drainage is not possible.
The principle of operation is that the pipeline discharges directly into the receiving (lower) part, where the pumps are located. Specialised valves are installed onto the pumping units that prevent wastewater from re-entering the pipeline. Located at the bottom of the SPS is a large debris trap which is cleaned and maintained via a hatch on the top of the pumping station. A chain and “guide pump” are provided to remove the pump and, to facilitate descent, a stepladder and a service platform can be find inside the well. The functionality of the pumps is tracked via automated level sensors.

For the cleaning of storm water

These treatment plants are used for the purification of stormwater collected from gas stations, parking lots, residential and industrial areas.

High quality purification  is achieved through the use of thin-film modules, as well as sorption and carbon filters.


LOSBEL manufactures such equipment in the following order:

– PO – sandtraps that are intended for the mechanical cleaning and collection of suspended solids (sand, sludge and mud masses) from entering the stormwater pipes.

– OU – oil separator, designed for mechanical separation of stormwater from insoluble pollutants (that include  waste oils and oil products.)

– PNU – Combined sand-oil separator.

– PNU-SF – Combined sand-oil separator, with a sorption filter fitted.