About Us

Established in 2011, LOSBEL is involved in the planning, design, manufacture, installation and construction of custom wastewater treatment systems (this includes all the land planning works, any cement work as well as the construction of the service facility). We also produce a variety of pump stations and are happy to complete all the range of works relating to sanitation. Within LOSBEL, we have a dedicated service team that provides round-the-clock support, guarantee and non-guarantee works of both industrial and private home systems.

A solid base of industry knowledge and the vast experience of our engineers allows us to be at the top of the market and offer our clients innovative to treat wastewater.

We offer up-to-date production, qualified specialists and top of the range European technology to provide the full cycle of works from production to service for a competitive price. Within our own corporation, we have integrated the quality control system ISO 9001 and warehouse supplies of equipment allow us to fabricate equipment in the shortest of periods.

Every client and every enquiry is important to us and we try to respond within 24 hours. Any project begins with a thorough procedure of data collection and analysis after which our engineers begin to select equipment based on the received results. If required, we also offer a complete pack of project documentation, developed by our planning department. The next stage is to fabricate the wastewater treatment plant in-house. Prior to dispatch of any parts to the client, all equipment is rigorously tested to meet the highest industry standards.

Wide ranges of manufactured products allows us to deliver a complete framework of equipment including in-take and out-take ports of water, which makes life easier for our clients – no more searching high and low for different suppliers! We guarantee, that all equipment produced by LOSBEL works in sync and can be delivered on-site as a single module rather than piece-by-piece.

Currently our product range includes:

  1. Wastewater treatment stations (capacity of up to 20 000 m3 / day);
  2. Sewage pumping stations;
  3. Stormwater purification station;
  4. Pressure station;
  5. Fire extinguisher points;
  6. Water tanks;
  7. Grease traps;
  8. Installation of chemical agent dispenser;
  9. Decontamination stations.

All produced equipment is certified both in-house and meets the requirements of the Customs Union which you can find here.