Treatment plants 1A – Treatment plants 7

очистное 1А
очистное 1А
очистное 1А
очистное 1А

Treatment plants 1А

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm1440
Height , mm1800
Inlet , mm1270
Outlet , mm1100
Treatment m³ per day0.6
Number of people4

Treatment plants 1

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm1440
Height , mm2100
Inlet , mm1600
Outlet , mm1430
Treatment m³ per day0.9
Number of people6

Treatment plants 2

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm1710
Height , mm2000
Inlet , mm1500
Outlet , mm1330
Treatment m³ per day1.2
Number of people8

Treatment plants 3

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm2000
Height , mm2000
Inlet , mm1440
Outlet , mm1270
Treatment m³ per day1.5
Number of people10

Treatment plants 4

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm2000
Height , mm2400
Inlet , mm1920
Outlet , mm1750
Treatment m³ per day2
Number of people12

Treatment plants 5

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm2300
Height , mm2600
Inlet , mm2170
Outlet , mm2000
Treatment m³ per day3
Number of people18

Treatment plants 6

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm2500
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2470
Outlet , mm2270
Treatment m³ per day4
Number of people25

Treatment plants 7

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm2500
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2470
Outlet , mm2270
Treatment m³ per day5.5
Number of people35

Autonomous sewerage is a compact modular biological treatment facilities for household drain, which are optimally suited to address the issue with the sewer in a private home or small group homes. The treatment plant is easily processes the entire flow coming from the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, as well as a dishwasher and washing machine. Biological treatment plants sewage allow use in a city apartment and do not experience the discomfort of constant pumping assenizatorskaya machines.

Autonomous drainage container is made of polypropylene, divided into sections of a certain way. In these compartments is activated sludge (bacteria, similar to those that live in urban wastewater treatment plants), as well as technological equipment is installed, which provides the circulation of fluid for a particular cycle. Near the cleaning (not further 5 meters) is set, another container in which is located a compressor for supplying air to the sewerage. The air required for life support process bacteria and also for circulating the liquid. The compressor operates in a cyclic mode of 15 minutes works 15 minutes worth.

At the end of the treatment plant process, water for industrial use is obtained, purified to 98%, which has no color or odor and can be used for watering the lawn and greenery. After the treatment process the purified water should be discharged into the drainage system or to the ground. The most common type of drainage is a reinforced concrete well. If due to high groundwater levels or poor filtering capacity of the soil that option can not be applied, it is possible to install a superficial drain or to pump the water to the ground by means of a small pump station. Different drainage options and installation drawings can be found in the “Project documentation” section.

The advantages of autonomous sewage treatment systems manufactured by “LOSBEL” are:

  • Our own service support;
  • A guarantee from the manufacturer;
  • The equipment is supplied fully operationaly ready;
  • Installation of an autonomous sewer takes 1 day;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Equipment works in an automatic mode;
  • Equipment retains its performance even at -40 degrees.

Please note that when using household chemicals with a high concentration of chlorine, care needs to be taken and one must strictly comply with the instructions for use, as a large amount of chlorine can reduce the concentration of activated sludge to a critical value. Also condensation from boilers, construction and household waste, as well as rainwater  must not enter the biological treatment plant.

The warranty provided  for an autonomous sewer for a detached house is 10 years!

Designation of performanceRelease, mmLoad
DiameterHeightInletOutletCleaning m³
per day
of persons
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 1A14401800127011000.64
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 114402100160014300.96
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 217102000150013301.28
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 320002000144012701.510
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 420002400192017502.012
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 523002600217020003.018
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 625003000247022704.025
”TREATMENT PLANTS” 728003000247022705.535


biochemical oxygen demand (BOD 5)97,8%
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)93,2%
suspended solids (BB)95,8%
ammonia nitrogen (N-NH4 +)78,3%

Treatment plants 1A - Treatment plants 7