Treatment plant 8 – Treatment plants 12Y


Treatment plants 8

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm2940
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2700
Outlet , mm2510
Treatment m³ per day8
Number of people50

Treatment plants 9

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm3450
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2700
Outlet , mm2510
Treatment m³ per day10
Number of people60

Treatment plants 10

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm3850
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2700
Outlet , mm2510
Treatment m³ per day14
Number of people80

Treatment plants 11

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm4400
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2700
Outlet , mm2510
Treatment m³ per day20
Number of people125

Treatment plants 12

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm4700
Height , mm3000
Inlet , mm2800
Outlet , mm2580
Treatment m³ per day26
Number of people170

Treatment plants 12A

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm4800
Height , mm3100
Inlet , mm2900
Outlet , mm2680
Treatment m³ per day30
Number of people200

Treatment plants 12M

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm4800
Height , mm3400
Inlet , mm3200
Outlet , mm2980
Treatment m³ per day35
Number of people240

Treatment plants 12Y

Main characteristics

Diameter D, mm4800
Height , mm3700
Inlet , mm3500
Outlet , mm3280
Treatment m³ per day40
Number of people285

Wastewater treatment plants are used for the treatment of wastewater on sites, where there is no possibility to connect to the central sewage system. For such sites we can design, manufacture and install a localised treatment plant. Sites can include but are not limited to:

  • Apartment buildings and private homes;
  • Holiday homes, rehab centres, nursing homes;
  • Hotels, restaurants, camping sites, cafes;
  • Industrial and administrative buildings, warehouses;
  • Petrol and service stations

Domestic wastewater sources include lavatories, kitchens, shower/bath rooms, dishwashers and washing machines.  

Operation of wastewater treatment plants

Autonomous sewage treatment plants operates via the cyclical function of the air compressor and does not require constant maintenance from service staff. In the absence of power, the plant operates on a mechanical basis. Removal of sludge is recommended once per year. Clearing out of the sludge is performed by our in-house service team.

It is prohibited to dump construction and household waste, chemical agents, rain and snowmelt waste water, water containing large amounts of fat, as well as the water from the pools into the wastewater treatment plant.

Treatment plant 8 - Treatment plants 12Y


Advantages of our equipment

Cleaning – biological treatments are used during construction, with nitrification and denitrification technology;

Material of the installation structure – this is an extruded polypropylene structure, which, due to its high strength, allows the autonomous sewer to be located on absolutely any ground, without using concrete reinforcement. The service life of the installation structure is more than 50 years.

Aeration System – a film membrane aerator is used which is capable of operating continuously for over 10 years.

Air injection system – used to install compressors from world renowned manufacturers that are recognised for being low-noise, high durability and reliability.

Pumping of wastewater – airlift pumps are used during installation that contribute to provide a higher quality wastewater treatment. Airlift pumps prevent the desctruction of activated sludge flakes during the wastewater pumping process.


Commissioning – Equipment delivered to the site in its complete configuration, which greatly helps to reduce the time required for installation and connection.

Large areas are not required to install the autonomous drainage system.

The autonomous sewer system can be used just minutes after installation.

Autonomous sewerage does not require constant monitoring and maintenance of specially trained personnel.

Autonomous sewage equipment works on the principle of periodic application. Electric power is only used for 12 hours / day allowing for significant electricity savings (50%).

Autonomous sewage equipment operates automatically and is controlled remotely.

The equipment retains its performance even at -40 degrees.

Designation of performanceRelease, mmLoad
DiameterHeightInletOutletCleaning m³
per day
of persons
”Treatment plants” 829403000270025108.050
”Treatment plants” 9345030002700251010.060
”Treatment plants” 10385030002700251014.080
”Treatment plants” 11440030002700251020.0125
”Treatment plants” 12470030002800258026.0170
”Treatment plants” 12A480031002900268030.0200
”Treatment plants” 12M480034003200298035.0240
”Treatment plants” 12У480037003500328040.0285


biochemical oxygen demand (BOD 5)97,8%
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)93,2%
suspended solids (BB)95,8%
ammonia nitrogen (N-NH4 +)78,3%

Treatment plant 8 - Treatment plants 12Y