Sand-oil catchers equipped with a deep purification sorption filter (PNU-SF)


Sand-oil catchers equipped with a deep purification sorption filter (PNU-SF)

Main characteristics

D(id), mmfrom 1400 to 2200
L, mmfrom 3100 to 16700
h1, mmfrom 1170 to 1730
h2, mmfrom 1140 to 1680
d1/d2, mmfrom 160/160 to 400/400
Weight, kgfrom 635 to 10120

If stormwater needs to be discharge into fisheries or similar bodies of water, filters can be installed that work with deep sorption purification.

Sand-oil catchers are equipped sorption filters for deep cleaning. They are designed for mechanical cleaning and collecting of suspended solids as well as undissolved impurities and waste petroleum oils.

The principle of operation – gravitational separation of different density materials : heavy matter sinks, lighter materials float to the surface. Furthermore, the drain is also cleaned from insoluble materials.

Scope – car parks, parking lots, gas stations, viaducts, industrial & built-up areas, water bodies and fisheries.

Sand-oil catchers are equipped with deep purification sorption filters which consist of three units – sand separators, oil catchers, and a sorption filter combined into a single body.

High purification efficiency of suspended solids and oil products is achieved through the use of two types of thin-film modules.

  1. Thin-film module to separate suspended
  2. Thin-film module with a coalescing effect used for trapping petroleum.
  3. Sorption unit (module), which collects the dissolved oil.

At first, thin-film modules reduce the required parameters supplied to the flow rate, thus setting and stabilizing the hydrodynamic characteristics. This provides a significant reduction in the of size of the plant without reducing efficiency compared to conventional technologies which use gravitational settling and filtering through the porous elements.

Thin-film modules are made of PVC profiles. Module design provides high mechanical strength and allows efficient use of the internal volume settings, to place the necessary technological elements.

Activated charcoal, and various synthetic compounds may be used as sorbents.

In the application of the activated carbon, adsorption occurs, which reduces the BOD indicators. Efficiency – 60%.

The plant structures are made of a helically twisted steel pipe with a double polymer coating, or of helically twisted plastic tube.

Sand-oil catchers are made based on standard treatment parameters or with specifically designed parameters.

Petroleumcatchers (oil traps) are delivered in full operational readiness and come equipped with hatches, anchor straps, sealing gaskets and technical wells intended for access and service facilities.

For the selection of the equipment, it is necessary to fill in a questionnaire posted on the website.

cleaning parameters: concentration BB:

  • At the entrance –     600 mg / l
  • At the entrance –     10 mg / l

cleaning parameters: concentration of NP:

  • The input –     40 mg / l
  • at the output –     0,05 mg / l



SettingSizes, mmWeight, kg
ПНУ -СФ-51400310011701140160/160635
ПНУ -СФ -71400380011301100200/200800
ПНУ -СФ -101400450011301100200/200970
ПНУ -СФ -151400570011051075225/2251250
ПНУ -СФ -201600580012801240250/2501750
ПНУ -СФ -251600600012151175315/3151890
ПНУ -СФ -301600680012151175315/3152175
ПНУ -СФ -351600780012151175315/3152515
ПНУ -СФ -401600890012151175315/3152680
ПНУ -СФ -4516001000012151175315/3153205
ПНУ -СФ -502200650017301680400/4003780
ПНУ -СФ -552200700017301680400/4004110
ПНУ -СФ -602200770017301680400/4004510
ПНУ -СФ -652200830017301680400/4004850
ПНУ -СФ -702200880017301680400/4005180
ПНУ -СФ -752200950017301680400/4005590
ПНУ -СФ -802200960017301680400/4005715
ПНУ -СФ -852200970017301680400/4005815
ПНУ -СФ -9022001030017301680400/4006180
ПНУ -СФ -9522001080017301680400/4006485
ПНУ -СФ -10022001140017301680400/4006850
ПНУ -СФ -11022001240017301680400/4007485
ПНУ -СФ -12022001350017301680400/4008130
ПНУ -СФ -13022001460017301680400/4008800
ПНУ -СФ -14022001570017301680400/4009495
ПНУ -СФ -15022001670017301680400/40010120

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