Служба сервиса


Our company can perform the installation, launch and service of all listed products, via a specially created service department. If required by the client, our company can deliver and install custom made equipment.  

We offer service contracts to all our clients. A planned service is scheduled every quarter, but our specialists are always ready to attend any urgent on-site issues. The scheduled service includes:

  • cleaning of  the intake basket from large debris;
  • measurement of the concentration of activated silt;
  • monitoring of the compressor activity;
  • monitoring and regulation (if necessary) of the aeration system;
  • pumping out of any excess activated silt;
  • laboratory analysis of a treated water sample;

Furthermore, our specialists will conduct a diagnosis, warranty and post-warranty support service for all our line of products.

24hr online support service

For the treatment plants that function from 8 м3 per day, a special programme called “Online support 24 hours” has been developed. This includes the provision of software and hardware support, allowing us to track the functionality of our products in real time and as a result react in case of emergency.

What does this mean?

  • All our equipment is under control 24 hours a day;
  • It is important to us that all your equipment functions perfectly;
  • If an accident does occur, we will find out about it sooner than the client
  • In case of an emergency, we will take any necessary measures required to rectify the issue;


What does this mean for the client?

  • A 100% guarantee that all the equipment functions properly;
  • Any system failures due to a component malfunction or electricity blackouts have been eliminated, which means any extra restart costs are avoided


What does this give the environment?

  • The probability of contaminating the surrounding environment and natural habitat

Method of works

All our treatment machinery (medium to large production) is equipped with a GSM-module and is in communication with our central server 24 hours per day. As a result, we can monitor the functionality of all our systems in real time.

In case of equipment malfunction or power cuts, a signal is instantly translated to our dispatch server.

Once the signal is received, the dispatch determines the reason for the error and informs the client after which a service team is sent out.

The equipment functionality is restored within 24 hours!