Eduard Brazovsky, CEO of LOSBEL, tells about his company, team and care for nature.

In this video CEO of LOSBEL Eduard Brazovsky explains, why the full cycle service is the best decision in wastewater treatment. «Full cycle service is always the most difficult. But by doing everything ourselves, we are ultimately responsible for the result» – Mr. Brazovsky says.

Established in 2011, LOSBEL is involved in the planning, design, manufacture, installation and construction of custom wastewater treatment systems (this includes all the land planning works, any cement work as well as the construction of the service facility).

Within the treatment plant, wastewater is treated via preliminary and biological purification. The construction of the biological treatment consists of one container with separate wastewater treatment lines, with anaerobic and aeration chambers as well as secondary sedimentation tanks installed inside. In each section specific conditions are met ensuring the process of nitrification and denitrification. Activated sludge from the treated effluent is separated in settling tanks which are installed next to the aeration chamber. A well-known technique is offered for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, which involves nitrification and denitrification as well biological phosphorus removal.
Our technology is bazed on MUCT -Modified University of Capetown Technology.

Advantages of our equipment:
• no need for different kinds of mixers;
• low energy consumption -1,2 kWh/d;
• option of a covered pavilion which reduces the protected-sanitary zone to 50m
• highest quality treated water-99%;
• Smaller volumes of construction work, resulting in a more competitive price;
• The possibility of phased implementation;
• custom design and construction.